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Find experiences, updates and feedback on the life of the church.

A Dance Of Hope – CAP

Generally, I’m a very destination focused person: I like outcomes and measurable results. I like to know why I’m doing something and what it’s going to achieve. God, however, seems to be more interested in the process; in the path that I take, as much as where it leads. He cares about my motives, about what is in my heart. I remember once hearing a Christian speaker sharing how he...
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Prioritising Prayer

by Dave McNee Back in January this year, none of us would have come close to predicting the kind of shape that 2020 would take – and had anyone seen the little news there was of Covid-19 in China and other East-Asian nations at the time and made predictions of the country going into months of lockdown we would have dismissed them as ‘catastrophising’. It is worth remembering that there...
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Life Church Moving Out of Lockdown

by Chris Kilby In the words of protest singer Bob Dylan, ‘The Times they are a' Changing.’ We have much adventure ahead, and are excited at the new things God is doing in us personally and as a church. God has been leading us since the end of last year into a renewed passion to pray, to love one another, and to serve our city. Life Church, we’re all on...
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Love, Fear and Covid-19

by Dave McNee Generally speaking – Life Church is a contemporary church; most of the songs we sing were written in my lifetime, you can get all the communication that the church puts out digitally, there is no element of our Sunday meetings that doesn’t use some kind of technology, we use tablets to sign up for stuff and those tablets aren’t made of stone, we even have occasional gatherings...
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Post Westpoint Post

by Si Munsie All across the UK, the August bank holiday weekend was bathed in sunshine and there were festivals and events everywhere you looked: from the iconic Reading & Leeds and Notting Hill carnival, to the sun-avoiding Insomnia gaming festival in Birmingham to the more obscure Marathon du Malton – a 10k race whilst quaffing craft ales, munching on lobster brioche and roust grouse before finishing with macarons…sounds like...
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