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Life Church Online – Sunday 22 March 2020


Hi. Thank you to those joining us online during these unprecedented times. We are eager to continue to worship together, and learn from the Bible regularly so we have prepared the following material for those who are part of Life Church.

Our desire is to be together, so do consider joining us live on Facebook for a Watch Party, during which we will enjoy the following content simultaneously and be able to comment, like and share as we go along. We’ll also stay on Facebook after the service for what we’ve called a Virtual Cafe, where we can chat, pray and simply be together for a bit.

Our prayer is that the following videos will strengthen your faith for the challenges that face us all at this time, and lead you into the presence of our loving Father and wonderful Saviour.

If you would like to contact one of the church leaders, you can can do so via social media, or by emailing or calling on 07379276906.



Song #1

Song #2

Encouragement from Si

Song #3

Vision Slot

Culture Revealed 10

Close and Thank You

Thank you for being with us!