The Bible speaks a lot about ‘one another’-ing and what better time for us to show this kind of love for those around us than this?

We are aiming to create a network across the whole of Life Church of support groups of 10 with a leader in each group.

These are not life groups but a temporary way in which we can offer help and support through a group leader who will be able to look out for you and help you to connect with others too.

How will this work?

1 – Sign up HERE 
2 – You will be placed into a 10 based on numbers and area in the city
3 – You will be contacted with details of who the group leader is
4 – Your details will be given to the group leader
5 – Group leader will contact you regularly

Leaders of these groups will be supported by the Life Church pastoral team so we will be able to further support for any specific needs.

The strength of any net is in the number of the joins – if you are reading this and have signed up, check with those that you know who may not have filled in this form…even if it means they have 4 people checking, it’s better than 0!