Sunday Sites

Life Church at King Edward’s

Life Church at West End

Life Church at The Boathouse


We have begun meeting again in three of our Sunday venues. Two meetings take place on Sunday mornings and our newest site, Life Church at The Boathouse, begins at 6pm on Sunday evenings.


We presently are no longer required to wear a face covering when attending Sunday gatherings, or any other Life Church events. We recognise that not everyone will feel comfortable with this and so you are obviously very welcome to wear your mask anyway! We will continue to ensure that our venues are ventilated and hand sanitiser is available at all sites also. The official government covid-19 guidance for places of worship can be found here.


For those unable to attend, whatever the reason, we will be streaming the meeting live and expect many to continue to be part of the church in this way for some time to come. You can join in live each week from 10am on our YouTube channel.

Real Life Kids

Life Church at King Edwards School is currently running four groups for children – one for primary aged children aged 4 – 11, one for preschool children aged 2 ½ – 4, a creche for babies and toddlers and a Youth Group every other Sunday as well as during the week on Thursdays.

Life Church at West End run Real Life Kids groups for Creche & Preschool, and one for Primary aged children. These currently take place on three out of every four weeks. An unmanned space is made available for parents or carers and their children, with toys and activities, on the fourth week when Real Life Kids does not currently take place.


NB For children still participating from home, RLK is no longer online but please do make use of the great resources available on YouTube at: Emmanuel Kids At Home