Life Groups



What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are small groups of roughly 8 to 12 people who spend time together during the week. These groups are an essential place for building strong relationships with others at Life Church. Group members gather together to chat, eat, pray and share life together. Also, Life Groups will often take a deeper look at the message from Sunday and consider how we can apply it to make a difference in our own lives, and to those around us.

There are Life Groups in many different areas, from Shirley to West End and Lordshill to Bitterne. We hope you will find a group who meet near to you and your own community.

How can I join a Life Group?
Each of the Life Church Sites has a Site Team, who will be able to help you find a Life Group that’s great for you. Life Groups tend to be made up with people who attend the same Sunday Site, presently either West End, Lordshill or Central. Finding the right Life Group is really important and you may wish to try some before choosing one to settle in.

COVID-19 Update: We would still invite you (and urge you) to find a Life Group to belong to. Many of our groups are still in regular contact, communicating in various ways despite not being able to physically meet in person. Please get in touch using the form below and we will help you connect with others.

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