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Life Groups



Join a Life Group

Groups matter to us as a church because they mattered to Jesus – they mattered to Him so much that it was His chosen method of changing the world. That’s why we have life groups.

It’s easy to join a Life Group. Simply look through and find a group that fits you for this season, and sign up.

Use the filters below to find the type of group you’d like to join and filter by your preferred time or day of the week.

There are four types of group available to join.

Activity: Meet others and share something you already love or discover something new.

Bible: These groups will be looking at the preaching series, developing friendships and praying together.

Course: An opportunity to do a course that is specific to where you’re at. Usually 5-10 weeks working together through material provided.

Development: Invitation only groups to help you develop in your role.