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Meet The Team

The Elders

Our team of elders serve and oversee church life. They all have different gifts, but work together as a team to lead the church.

Chris Kilby

Chris leads the team and has particular responsibility for shaping the vision and direction of the church through leading the leaders.

Chris is married to Jo and they have four grown up children and two granddaughters.

His favourite meal is probably a traditional roast…or maybe good pizza….or Piri-Piri Chicken….mmmm

He’s been known to tinker with classic cars and he and Jo love collecting old things – their house is a bit like a museum!

Jon Lawn

Jon oversees our community ministries and is also one of the trustees of the church.

Jon has been married to Lois for over 10 years, and they have three lovely (lively!) children, Ezekiel, Seth and Serenity. They moved to Southampton in 2011 following a call of God and desire to serve God in a city context.

Jon has too many favourite meals to choose from! A Sunday roast with all the family, a Chinese takeaway on a Saturday night, Fajitas, Banana pancake with fresh fruit…. He could keep on going!

He loves spending time with family – particularly going out and exploring the countryside or watching a movie on Friday nights. A lesser known fact is that Jon is an avid birdwatcher and can identify a good portion of UK birds by their song alone! He has been an Arsenal fan since he was 4 (thanks to his old neighbour who passed on his old kits to Jon once he’d out grown them!).

Pelumi Bolorunduro

Pelumi is an Elder at Life Church.

He was born in Lagos, Nigeria and grew up there until the age of 15. At a very young age he decided that he wanted to be an accountant and now works as the Director of Finance for Commission.

He is married to Amy and they have two very excitable and energetic kids (who are now able to beat him in a dance off). Pelumi loves playing the drums, being with people and enjoys anything to do with cars – apart from the expenses!

Having grown up as the son of a professional caterer, he had access to some of the best Nigerian food there is! Some of his favourites are pounded yam (with efo riro), fried rice, plantain and fried chicken. He also quite likes a roast beef dinner and is a big fan of Amy’s lemon drizzle cake.

David McNee

David overseas teaching and preaching across the church, and loves to develop new leaders.

He’s spent most of the last decade in student work with UCCF – particularly trying to introduce students to Jesus in a way that makes sense – before joining the staff team at Life Church in 2021. He’s marred to Miriam and they have 2 kids. Everyone calls him ‘Dave’ and he spends most of his free time drinking coffee and exercising.

Si Munsie

Si carries particular responsibility for the younger half of the church and is part of the regular teaching team.

Si is married to Jo, and Dad to Ben, Tom and Theo. His favourite meal is steak with pepper sauce and chips.

Si’s hobbies include playing football, watching football and getting creative. He is interested in any competitive sport as well as music and etymology.

James Hatcher

James is our church Operations Manager. He ensures the smooth running of all that we do as a church. He is an administrative genius.

He is married to Esther and they have three children, Scarlett, Caleb and Annabelle. He enjoys steak with sweet potato fries and a glass of red, but no salad!

James’ interests include playing and watching any sport, particularly football and skiing. He also enjoys films!