The Elders

Our team of elders oversee church life and mission. They all have different gifts, but work together as a team to lead the church.

Chris Kilby

Chris leads the team and has particular responsibility for shaping the vision and direction of the church through leading the leaders.

Chris is married to Jo and they have four grown up children and two granddaughters.

His favourite meal is probably a traditional roast…or maybe good pizza….or Piri-Piri Chicken….mmmm

He likes to tinker with his 1953 Morris Minor and he and Jo love collecting old things – their house is a bit like a museum!

Jon Lawn

Jon leads the West End Site Team, oversees our community ministries and is also chair of our team of trustees.

Jon has been married to Lois for over 10 years, and they have three lovely (lively!) children, Ezekiel, Seth and Serenity. They moved to Southampton in 2011 following a call of God and desire to serve God in a city context.

Jon has too many favourite meals to choose from! A Sunday roast with all the family, a Chinese takeaway on a Saturday night, Fajitas, Banana pancake with fresh fruit…. He could keep on going!

He loves spending time with family – particularly going out and exploring the countryside or watching a movie on Friday nights. A lesser known fact is that Jon is an avid birdwatcher and can identify a good portion of UK birds by their song alone! He has been an Arsenal fan since he was 4 (thanks to his old neighbour who passed on his old kits to Jon once he’d out grown them!).

Dave McNee

Dave is pioneering a new student work for Life Church, helping to lead our fourth site, managing teaching and preaching and overseeing our leadership development.

Dave is married to Miriam, and father to Charlotte and Olivia. His taste in food might seem boring, but if he’s really hungry and someone puts a pizza in front of him, then he’ll love that person forever.

Dave’s hobbies include playing hockey (taking it a bit too seriously), playing golf (and not taking it seriously at all), skiing (whenever I get the chance) and drinking good coffee (which is maybe a coping mechanism for having young kids as much as it is a hobby). He loves reading Christian literature as well as a smattering of other genres, and will listen to any interesting podcast he can find.

Si Munsie

Si leads the Central Site Team and carries particular responsibility for the younger half of the church and is part of the regular teaching team.

Si is married to Jo, and Dad to Ben and Tom. His favourite meal is steak with pepper sauce and chips.

Si’s hobbies include playing football, watching football and getting creative. He is interested in any competitive sport as well as music and etymology.

James Hatcher

James is our church Operations Manager. He ensures the smooth running of all that we do as a church. He is an administrative genius.

He is married to Esther and they have three children, Scarlett, Caleb and Annabelle. He enjoys steak with sweet potato fries and a glass of red, but no salad!

James’ interests include playing and watching any sport, particularly football and skiing. He also enjoys films!

The Deacons

Our team of deacons release the elders by serving as leaders in many areas of church life.

Sash Vale

Sash helps to oversee all the serving teams across the church, keeping them strong. He does work on our branding and website as well as being on the West End Site Team and Pastoral team.

Sash is married to Anna, and they have two young children. He loves a decent BBQ, growing fruit and veg, and taking things apart – and sometimes even fixing them!

His interests include tech, tennis and movies that tell true stories.

Jenave Jeevananthan

Jen brings voluntary support as part of the office team, and leads our Sunday set-up teams. She always serves with a smile and she likes English beer.

Jen’s parents are from Sri Lanka but she was born in Germany. She is the eldest of three children. she loves her family very much, as well as her church family too.

Jen’s favourite meal is a Chinese takeaway. In her spare time Jen loves spending time with friends or family either over a meal, with a movie or enjoying a day trip out. Jen is a big Marvel fan and loves outdoor activities, travelling or taking weekends away.

Ray Jones

Ray and Juliet care for many people in the church, and Juliet also leads the worship teams at the Lordshill Site. They are super-hospitable and kids love them and are usually on Ray’s shoulders.

Ray’s favourite meal is steak egg and chips. Ray is keen on DIY and playing squash. His interests include sustainability, technology, travel and experiencing different cultures.

Juliet Jones

Ray and Juliet care for many people in the church, and Juliet also leads the worship teams at the Lordshill Site. They are super-hospitable and kids love them and are usually on Ray’s shoulders.

Juliet is seriously into her craftiness – the creative kind 😉 – especially crocheting. Ju also enjoys listening to and making music, baking and gardening.

Jason Rego

Jason leads worship and helps the Elders to oversee our worship teams across the whole church.

Jason is married to his childhood sweetheart Natalia, and is father to their beautiful little girl, Hailey.

With a love for good food and that ranges from street food all the way to fancy Michelin star dishes, there’s no way Jason can pick one favourite.

In his spare time Jason can be found listening and playing music, or watching football. He has a passion for fast / loud cars and music (of course)!

Kathy Parkin

Kathy is an integral part of our West End site and leads the midweek parents and toddler’s group – Little Life. Kathy also currently sits in with the Pastoral Team when they meet together.

Kathy is married to the amazing Biker Dave. They have two girls and four grandchildren, who are such fun to be around.

Melon and raspberries come close, but chocolate (Caramac bars) are Kathy’s outright favourite food. She has a very sweet tooth. Kathy loves crafting of all kinds, gardening and getting lost in a good book. Her top holiday choice would involve lots of walking and she has explored a lot of the UK that way.

Matthew Kuruvilla

Matthew is a gifted worship leader and preacher, and often leads the international gatherings at The Life Centre on a Sunday afternoon.

Matthew is married to Sudha and they have three – very talented – children.

Their love of food is expressed every time they host an international meeting, as they always share a meal together there.