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       Easter Sunday: Find Hope In Jesus

       Galatians: The Way Of Grace

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Through Galatians 4 and a game of Guess Who? Si shows us that how we relate to God and how we relate to the law shapes the whole of our…
There are two very distinct ways of missing what God wants for us - but those two ways have much more in common than we would at first think.
This is our Life Church Easter Sunday Celebration. Si Munsie hosts a time of stories, music, a baptism and the amazingly good news that there is true and lasting hope…
What do you get from believing the gospel?
Understanding what the law is and isn’t is of great importance to us because it determines how we relate to it and how we relate to it determines whether we…
The message at the centre of Christianity, the gospel, is both the way anyone can find their way into Christianity, but also the way on within Christianity.