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What can we learn about helping others from reading about the character of Rahab in Joshua chapter 2?
Do you agonise over decisions or live with regrets over past choices? What if there is a better way? Through the bible and a tiny snooker table, Si helps us…
Christians do grieve, they feel the pain of loss like other people, but they have a unique hope - the gospel changes grief!
Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about money, and what you can do with it? Applying this message will help you to flourish as individuals, as a church,…
In our society, 'work' has become a means to an end - a way to earn money, live for the weekend or feel fulfilled. God is calling us to a…
No one got up this morning and thought “I wish I had worse friends” yet plenty of us live in a way that devalues friendship. This week David explores how…