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Psalm 8 reflects on all that God has made, including mankind, and how wonderful and awesome these things reveal God to be.
In this Psalm David gives us four steps which lead us to God, and into peace and security. Like David, you too can come back to a place of worship,…
Apostolic leader and guest speaker, Guy Miller, encourages Life Church with a message about equipping, unifying, sending and releasing.
There are some common misconceptions and myths surrounding the sharing of bread and wine. In the final part of this mini-series, Dave answers some of the questions which can arise.
The Bible gives a wide variety of different names for sharing Bread and Wine in the way Jesus gave us? How do those different words inform the way we share…
Communion is a gift which Jesus has given to us, so how do we make the most of this? In John’s gospel Jesus took the bread and wine with people…