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Building Update

By 2nd March 2021Blog Post, Church Life

We are (still) making progress on both the purchase of 11 Cranbury Terrace (11CT), and the sale of The Life Centre.
You’ll have noticed the absence of any announcements – indicating that we aren’t quite there on the purchase of 11CT yet! On our side, we have everything in place and are ready to proceed as soon as a few remaining legal matters are concluded. Join us in praying that these are sorted out smoothly in the next couple of weeks and we will soon be celebrating and giving thanks for the provision of a new building. Some urgent repairs have been made to 11CT already, in collaboration between Life Church and the current owners.

The Life Centre has been a popular property on the market, and after multiple bids and work between our trustees and the agents to consider the basis of all offers, a sale has been recently been agreed. The contracts for this are about to be drawn up, and we pray this continues smoothly too.

If you’ve been reading these updates over the last few months you may be forgiven for thinking that this sounds similar! It has at times felt like we’ve made one step forward, and then had to make a step side-ways or backwards, as we negotiate the intricacies around commercial properties transactions – a sort of wrestling match! We are hugely encouraged by those who let us know they are praying, and others who share pictures or words which God has given them – we are convinced that God has all things in control and his timing is perfect.

We also owe a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who is involved in the process of itemising, clearing and packing up the Life Centre preparing for the move. This is no small feat – especially if you’ve ever peeped into the store room! This work, and other parallel projects will be ramping up over the coming weeks, as the completion of both purchase and sale draw nearer.

Thank you for being on this journey with us! If you do want to know how things are progressing get in touch with Jon Lawn who is leading in this area – he will be delighted to chat with you!

by Jon Lawn