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Solicitors. Surveyors. Banks. Agents. More solicitors… More surveyors….!

By 3rd September 2020October 8th, 2020Blog Post, Church Life

You may be thinking it’s been a little quiet on the Cranbury Terrace building front recently, and from an outward perspective you would be right. However, like a swan serenely gliding across a lake, the feet are pedaling hard out of sight.

The process is not dissimilar to purchasing a house – our people talk to their people – more discussions happen, paperwork is generated, checked, queried, double checked and signed off. Within this process there are additional areas of charity law we need to comply with too, which brings another layer of important reports and checks.

Steady progress is being made as the paperwork side (and there is much paperwork!) moves ahead. After assessing quotes, Life Church trustees have appointed solicitors to act on our behalf, who are now engaged with the sellers solicitors and contracts are being drawn up, deeds poured over and clauses checked.

Surveyors have also been appointed and will shortly be undertaking an extremely thorough survey of the building so that we are aware of any future works which may need undertaking, and can plan accordingly. A mortgage has been agreed in principle, with finances and budgets being scrutinized to balance deposit versus loan options and the affordability of regular payments and running costs of the new building.

Some of this may all be gobbledygook to you so the short summary (which perhaps I should have put at the beginning to save your reading this far?), is that steady progress is being made with no major problems at present!

The Life Centre is now up ‘For Sale’ and we have already had some interest with viewings this week. Please be joining us in praying that an enthusiastic buyer is found for the building! Or, if you know anyone who is looking for a medium sized industrial unit with excellent transport links, a good sized kitchen, versatile office space and 8 (7 and ¾?) parking spaces – please point them in the direction of The Life Centre.

We’ve been asking God to give us ‘green lights’ at various stages of this process, and so far they have been all green – we praise Him for that, as this is no small achievement!

The Cranbury Terrace building is in great condition (we are praying the surveyors agree!) and the options for using it are broad and exciting. Could we have a recording studio? Could we set up a community cafe? Can we feed and clothe those in need from it?

As we listen to God and ask Him what His will is for this building, we know that these dreams will need some investment to reconfigure spaces, equip, operate and to bless others with. We trust in God to release resources to achieve all this and more.

We thank each and every one of you who is with us on this journey!

by Jon Lawn

S.O.S – Special Offering Sunday

On Sunday September 20th we came together online for our ‘Special Offering Sunday’.

Chris Kilby shared a prophetic message to inspire faith and excitement about the future of the work here in Southampton. You have a key part to play! You can listen to or watch that message again here.

Please continue praying and getting your hearts attuned to God, seeking him as to what you might give or pledge towards this wonderful work. We are asking God for another miraculous outpouring of provision.