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Expanding the Eldership Team

By 28th June 2023Blog Post

In 1 Peter Chapter 5, Peter has a bunch of things to say to the church about how Elders are supposed to lead and serve the church – which is what I explored when I was preaching on those verses last week (catch up here).

But something significant is almost invisible in those verses – Peter constantly talks about elders in the plural. In this passage, it is assumed that it is a good thing for the church to have a multitude of people who serve and lead the church as elders.

It becomes the responsibility of the existing elders then, to identify and nurture capable leaders who can continue the legacy of shepherding the church. Last year, we introduced three individuals – Alex Walker, Nathan Guy, and Pelumi Bolorunduro – who started that journey of sitting alongside the elders to explore that calling.

Alex and Nathan are still on that journey, and we are thrilled to announce that in September of this year, we intend to recognise Pelumi as an elder of Life Church, adding him to the current team of elders consisting of me, Chris, Si, James and Jon.

This news fills us with joy for several reasons. First and foremost, Pelumi exemplifies exceptional character and possesses the qualities of a good shepherd. His passion for the gospel, dedication to prayer, and commitment to justice are attributes that will greatly benefit us at Life Church. Moreover, we are delighted by the unique perspective that Pelumi brings to our eldership team. Expanding the team of elders strengthens our ability to shepherd effectively and serve the church well.

Now, here’s what we would ask of you: your affirmation and support for Pelumi’s recognition as an elder come September. If you agree with this decision, please express your enthusiastic “yes” and “amen.” Feel free to approach any of the current elders personally or send an email to

However, it is equally important to us to hear from those who might not be able to offer their endorsement. We understand that there may be valid reasons for reservations. If you are unable to give your full support, we encourage you to reach out to us, either in person or through email. We take your thoughts seriously, and so if you do contact us with reason for hesitation or concern it might be something that we talk to Pelumi about, or it might be something that we want to talk to you about to better understand your reasons – we take eldership very seriously – and so we will take what you have to say with the level of importance it deserves.

Let me clarify a few points. This is not a vote, nor is it Pelumi’s responsibility to seek votes or make promises to secure ‘endorsements’ from everyone in the church. Nor is this an invitation for everyone to spend the next few months sitting in judgment over Pelumi and his family. Rather, this presents an opportunity to embrace and support Pelumi’s role through prayer and I hope that as Pelumi makes this big commitment to Life Church some others will likewise be inspired by his example and similarly commit themselves to Life Church in the roles that God has given them.

This is great news, it is the addition of another shepherd who will lead, care for, protect, and guide our church. We hope you are as excited by it as we are.

Dave McNee

If you wish to contact the Eldership Team with your feedback, please do so directly by contacting: