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Since the beginning of Lockdown in March we’ve held 20 Sunday services online, taken part in over 150,000 minutes of worship to God between us all, seen people follow Jesus for the first time and all had technical issues at some point! We’ve held almost 100 prayer meetings, made dozens of videos and shared it all as 1 family. It’s been an incredible season of change, adaptability and learning for all of us and yet through it all the God we come to worship has remained unchanged as he has been for all eternity. I find it hugely helpful to know that God is immutable – unchanging and unchangeable. It helps me to know that throughout all of this, I can come just as I am…changeable, grumpy, happy, angry, full of energy, lacking in motivation and every other emotion I’ve experienced. And yet to know that I can be still and know that he is God; the same yesterday, today and forever! The way we meet with God as he is, just as we are, is through prayer. So we PRAY.

We are going to spend 4 weeks in a new teaching series called: PRAY. And whilst God doesn’t change, other things do…and that’s a great thing! It gives us the opportunity to engage with God and his family, the church, in different ways.
So for the PRAY series (16th August – 6th September) we’ll be meeting on Sunday mornings on ZOOM.
You might be asking why we’re changing?
  • LIVE(ish) worship with a worship leader not behind a perspex screen – you can sing and dance along whilst being on mute
  • We can be as together as we can be during this time in as big a group as we like without masks
  • We can have kids’ work during the talk (just join the breakout room if you have a second device, or make your choice if you have one device)
  • You can pray with someone face to face just by sending a private message to the host team and you’ll pop into a breakout room
  • We don’t have to see your face if you prefer coming to church in your PJs and you’re not ready to change that just yet, you can turn off your video on zoom so we can just see your name! If you really don’t want to come on the zoom call you can ‘watch’ by using the church online website we’ve been using or just on our church YouTube channel – you’ll see us but we won’t see you. But we’d love to have you with us on zoom!
  • It takes a huge amount of time, effort and often sacrifice above and beyond working hours for our small staff team to organise, create and edit the service each week and a change is good as a rest so they say. It will also reduce the amount of pre-created content meaning the chance of seeing something other than a computer screen for our amazing team behind the scenes (big shoutout to Sash Vale for being a Real Life Hero!)
  • It’s also always good to try new things as it means we can compare the good bits and the bits that don’t work so well!
We can’t wait to see you on Sunday 16th August on Zoom at 10am as we gather together to worship the unchanging God…he’s looking forward to you being there even more than we are (and that’s A LOT)!
by Simon Munsie