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Creating a Culture of Invitation

By Blog Post, community, Evangelism, Faith
  ‘Would you like to come to my church on Sunday?’ ‘No, thanks though.’ ‘Would you like to come to my church on Sunday?’ ‘Yes please!’ No one died. No one fell out with each other. No one was offended. Someone could find life. You will hear contrasting views when you look at the subject of how people come to faith in Jesus. Some will champion ‘Friendship Evangelism’ and ‘Being...
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The Intrepid Adventures of a Reluctant Evangelist

By Church Life, Evangelism
by Vicky Tiffen One big marquee, one hundred and thirty two volunteers during the week, many more people involved with the set up, fifteen churches from the city represented and much excitement in the lead up …. all working towards Church In The Park 2019. This is the second time that Church in the Park has popped up in the middle of a Southampton Park. It is organised and run...
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