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Creating a Culture of Invitation

By Blog Post, community, Evangelism, Faith
  ‘Would you like to come to my church on Sunday?’ ‘No, thanks though.’ ‘Would you like to come to my church on Sunday?’ ‘Yes please!’ No one died. No one fell out with each other. No one was offended. Someone could find life. You will hear contrasting views when you look at the subject of how people come to faith in Jesus. Some will champion ‘Friendship Evangelism’ and ‘Being...
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Bridges, Boats and Buildings

By Blog Post, Faith, One Church, Phase 1 at The Boathouse, The Boathouse

You may know that God has often and persistently spoken to us about being like a life boat as a church. That means that we’re on a mission to rescue those who are drowning in all sorts of areas of life and primarily to offer them rescue in the person of Jesus Christ. I sensed that God was actually calling us to buy a building more like a boathouse; a marine skills centre; a place to launch all sorts of rescue craft from. Rather than looking for a building to gather everyone to, it was to be a building that we could send many out on mission from.

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The Joy of Gospel Partnership – Nepal!

By Blog Post, Church Life, Commission, Faith, Ministries
by Chris Kilby One of my deepest joys in ministry life is the opportunity to see God at work through the local church in the nations of the world. Being part of an international family of churches that is planting and growing churches around the globe is such an honour. In 2003 I was first invited to visit North East India and Nepal – not knowing at the time that...
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My Battle with Depression

By Faith, Mental Health
by Sash Vale This year is a significant year for me. It is in 2019 that I will turn 40. I think back to some twenty years ago (half of my lifetime) and realise what a transformed life I lead these days - in my detached suburban home, with wife and one-year-old daughter, having passionate faith in God which gives me a great purpose to live for. I never dreamed...
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Faith That Rests in The Confidence of God

By Faith, Prayer
by Esther Hatcher Faith That Rests in The Confidence of God “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit”  - Psalm 34:18 Life is a process, with successes and failures, joys and sorrows, peace and turmoil. It’s not always straightforward and this year it seems to be happening at 100mph for us as a family. The depths of pain and brokenness is like...
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