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Creation, Crops, Christ and Chris Kilby

By Leadership, Rest
by Chris Kilby Between ‘Church in The Park’ in early June, and the ‘Westpoint Festival’ towards the end of August, I (Chris Kilby) shall be taking a sabbatical. Some of you will be asking – ‘what does that even mean?!’, whilst others may be asking ‘why?’ I thought it might be helpful for me to explain why, and also what I hope to gain personally from such a time, and...
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Emotional Intelligence

By Church Life, community, Mental Health
by Taylor Reid Emotional intelligence is the art of understanding, processing and managing our moods and feelings. It's also proven to ward of mental health issues. This practice is the key part of staying on top of the strains and sentiments of everyday life, and taking care of our minds. Mental health problems hit headlines every day. 1 in 4 people are said to be suffering, which means we need...
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Family Breakdown to Family Breakthrough!

By Church Life, community, Parenthood
by Viv Grey When we think about the term “single parent” many negative connotations come to mind, which is so so sad. Why is that?  When I see single parents, and now because I  am one, I see them as courageous men and women who are shouldering the parental responsibilities of their families mostly alone, as well as the emotional impact that comes with that, for themselves and their children. Presently there are two million single-parent...
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