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Mental Health

Emotional Intelligence

By Church Life, community, Mental Health
by Taylor Reid Emotional intelligence is the art of understanding, processing and managing our moods and feelings. It's also proven to ward of mental health issues. This practice is the key part of staying on top of the strains and sentiments of everyday life, and taking care of our minds. Mental health problems hit headlines every day. 1 in 4 people are said to be suffering, which means we need...
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My Battle with Depression

By Faith, Mental Health
by Sash Vale This year is a significant year for me. It is in 2019 that I will turn 40. I think back to some twenty years ago (half of my lifetime) and realise what a transformed life I lead these days - in my detached suburban home, with wife and one-year-old daughter, having passionate faith in God which gives me a great purpose to live for. I never dreamed...
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