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Staffing for the Future!

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At last! From July 19th 2021 we can begin looking ahead with fresh faith and a sense of emerging into a new era in the life of the church. These last 16 months have been extraordinary. I would like to take a moment to commend to you our outstanding staff and volunteer team and interns. Together they have helped us navigate our lifeboat through some choppy waters! They have been...
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Working with Christians Against Poverty, what’s one day like?

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Six months in I’m trying to work out what an ordinary day as a CAP Debt Centre Manager looks like.  I’m not sure there’s such a thing as an ordinary day!  There have been good days, and challenging days, but all in all I feel really privileged to be able to do this work. A good day was when I heard that our first client had gone debt free.  He...
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Building Update

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We are (still) making progress on both the purchase of 11 Cranbury Terrace (11CT), and the sale of The Life Centre. You’ll have noticed the absence of any announcements – indicating that we aren’t quite there on the purchase of 11CT yet! On our side, we have everything in place and are ready to proceed as soon as a few remaining legal matters are concluded. Join us in praying that...
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Solicitors. Surveyors. Banks. Agents. More solicitors… More surveyors….!

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You may be thinking it’s been a little quiet on the Cranbury Terrace building front recently, and from an outward perspective you would be right. However, like a swan serenely gliding across a lake, the feet are pedaling hard out of sight. The process is not dissimilar to purchasing a house - our people talk to their people - more discussions happen, paperwork is generated, checked, queried, double checked and...
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Since the beginning of Lockdown in March we've held 20 Sunday services online, taken part in over 150,000 minutes of worship to God between us all, seen people follow Jesus for the first time and all had technical issues at some point! We've held almost 100 prayer meetings, made dozens of videos and shared it all as 1 family. It's been an incredible season of change, adaptability and learning for all...
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A Dance Of Hope – CAP

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Generally, I’m a very destination focused person: I like outcomes and measurable results. I like to know why I’m doing something and what it’s going to achieve. God, however, seems to be more interested in the process; in the path that I take, as much as where it leads. He cares about my motives, about what is in my heart. I remember once hearing a Christian speaker sharing how he...
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